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What is BMI?

Big Macs Inside? Belly Might Implode? Good guesses, but BMI actually stands for Body Mass Index, and it’s a really important measure for anyone trying to lose weight. Calculating your BMI using our simple BMI calculator will show you where you are now, and where would be best for you.

What does it mean for you?

The results are given as a range because there’s no one ideal weight for people of different heights and builds. Your BMI is also influenced by your age and whether you’re male or female. Some people can also be considered ‘Overweight’ (25-30 BMI), yet have reasonably (or very) low body fat and just be quite muscular.

At your first appointment, your Consultant will tell you more about how important a healthy BMI is. They’ll also take your waist measurement – that’s the best way to see how much fat you’re carrying. As your BMI reduces, your waistline will too.

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What your BMI means

BMI below 20 = Underweight

You don’t need to lose weight. Your BMI shows you are already underweight for your height and your health could be at risk by limiting your calories. It may be worth talking to your GP.

BMI 20 – 24.9 = Healthy Weight

Nice one! You are an ideal weight for your height.

BMI 25 – 29.9 = Overweight

Your weight is above the ideal range for your height, but help is at hand. Find a Consultant near you and start moving back into that healthy weight range.

BMI 30 – 39.9 = Obese

Your weight is way above ideal and increasing your risk of health issues. Find a Consultant now and get the support you need to reduce your BMI to a healthy level.

BMI 40+ = Very Obese

You are seriously at risk of health issues. Find a Consultant now for the help and support you need to get back to a healthy weight.

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