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About us

The 1:1 Diet, originally known as The Cambridge Diet, was launched in the UK in 1984. Its Nigerian operations started in 2010 and is spearheaded by Eniola Karunwi and her team at Actis Nigeria Limited. Since then, we have become the West African representative of the brand following its entry into the Nigeria health market helping thousands of people across Nigeria and Ghana lose weight and live healthier, happier lives.

Developed, tested and validated by expert nutritionists and researchers

“Your body gets all the nutrients it needs and uses its fat stores for energy. And because the diet is high protein, you don’t lose muscle mass or have cravings.”

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Where it all began

Cambridge Weight Plan goes way back. We can trace its roots back to the 60s, when biochemist Dr Alan Howard started to research the perfect diet. Since 1984, when The Cambridge Diet became commercial in the UK, thousands of people from all over the world have used our help, support and products.

We’d like to think that the dieter's experience of Cambridge Weight Plan is a bit like having a friend by their side. But not like a nagging friend. More like a really supportive, knowledgeable, wise and experienced friend cheering them on.

In 2018, the plan was renamed ‘The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan’ because we’ve always been about one-to-one. Our brand is built on these relationships and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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A Direct Selling business

The 1:1 Diet is a Direct Selling business. Being a global brand, that means we also have a network of consultants spread across Nigeria and Ghana who work one to one with our dieters. We give our consultants all the support they need to run their own business which means they can choose their own hours and have uncapped earning potential and they get a job that suits their lives and their families with some fab rewards and recognition along the way. Perfect!