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True Love Came Calling

What can I say? Where should I start from? Cambridge has changed my life for the better. I would start by introducing myself! My name is Abudu Oluwaseun Oluwayemisi, 35 years old, born on the 28th of April 1979 into a family of four. I am the last child and I am single. I heard about the Cambridge Weight Plan from a close friend that is also on the plus size. At that time I did not believe in the efficacy of any weight loss program as I had tried several weight loss quick fixes ranging from green teas to diuretics without success. My journey with CWP and its products have however positively transformed my life.

I started Cambridge Weight Loss program precisely on Thursday 19th December 2013 with a weight of 165kg and BMI of 50. I never knew or believed I weighed that much until I got on the scale at my consultants office. The purpose of my visit was actually to make enquiries as I had plans for the Christmas which of course involved a lot of food. After seeing my weight on the scale and expressing to my consultant my desire to start later so I consume the Christmas goodies her comment which gave me a wakeup call was “”haven’t you been eating these things before. Are they not the reason for the weight problem? You had better start!!

I started with a variety of the products and have seen tremendous changes all the way! I love all the products - the shakes, the soup, and porridge! What I found most amazing about CWP products is the wide variety of flavours which made the whole plan interesting! There was never a dull moment because every day I looked forward to having one of the lovely meals! My best are the Vanilla and Chocolate shakes!

CWP has given me my life back because before now I had very low self-esteem; people passed snide and painful comments calling me horrible names like fat soul and elephant! However after being on the diet for 8 months, my self-confidence has soared higher than that of the winner of a beauty pageant. People see me and don't recognize me anymore. Interestingly, everyone seems to want to make my acquaintance. Sometimes when I look in the mirror I wonder if the reflection is mine!!! I have dropped from size American size 28 to a size 16. I am so happy buying new clothes because before now clothes shopping was a dreadful process as I hardly ever found nice clothes in my size. As a result vacation revolved around food and candies!

The other painful aspect of being overweight was the difficulty in having the right relationship with a guy. The men especially young Nigerian men generally see ladies on the plus size as being depressed, greedy or lacking discipline. They would not want a meaningful lasting relationship or bother to find true love with them. As such I found myself moving from one relationship to another in search of “my true love”

I am happy to announce that with my new size and new me, came true love. Yes I found the love of my life! He has supported me through the program and loved me even before the new figure emerged! He loves the strength and perseverance I had to see this through, clearly he loves me!

Did I have challenges doing the CWP people regularly asked? My response is always, YES, I had cravings and struggled sometimes. However whoever said anything good came easy? The first two weeks was hard but I was determined that nothing was going to make me cheat and at this point I would like to commend my consultants Toyin and Sandra. Their frequent calls and encouragement prevented me from giving up. Sandra sent regular text and made so many calls just checking on me and ensuring I wouldn’t cheat.

On my final note! I would say thank u to God Almighty for giving me the strength to pull thru all obstacles, cravings and food temptations, thank you to my consultant Toyin and the ever vibrant Sandra for their love and support through this program and thanks to CWP for bringing this wonderful innovation to limelight! Am proud to be a part of this Wonderful family!

Yemisi Abudu