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Staying on Plan During Ramadan

Ramadan is a holy month of fasting for the Muslims worldwide. They exempt themselves from food amongst other things. The aim of Ramadan is to instill discipline within ourselves. Quite often, emphasis is placed on food in Ramadan, when in fact the whole purpose of Ramadan is about piety, repentance and gratification.

Ramadan should not be an excuse to Go off Plan rather a reason to Stay on Plan. The key to getting through Ramadan is planning ahead and there is no reason why fasting will hinder your progress on your One2One Diet Plan.

Some top tips to get you through the month are

  • Decide what Step you will be following beforehand with guidance from your consultant
  • Stock up on your one2one diet meals
  • Plan meals from your kitchen ahead
  • It is Sunnah (recommended) that one breaks their fast with water or a date. If you are following Step 1 or Step 2 then water is the better choice.
  • As soon as you break your fast, have a one2one diet meal before you go and perform your Maghrib prayer, you are less likely to be tempted with other food.
  • Drink plenty of water with your meal, after your meal, and before you close your fast at Suhoor. Remember fluid can be taken in the form of coffee, herbal teas, such as mint tea. Why not make up some ice-cold water with the new one2one diet Water Flavourings to quench your thirst when you break your fast.
  • Use the one2one diet Bars if you find having a Shake or Soup too much as your second product.
  • If you are on Step 1, a meal such as one2one diet Spaghetti Bolognese is very satisfying and can be eaten whilst in the company of others eating without feeling you’re missing out on food.
  • For those on Step 2, add your protein and vegetables to a one2one diet product such as our meal sachets, or even use the Soup sachets as gravy over your protein and vegetables.
  • If you are incorporating exercise cut it down to half an hour and try and leave that to as close to Iftar as possible.
  • If you are invited for Iftar and are following Step 1, it may be advisable to step up to Step 2 for that day eating protein and vegetables for Iftar

** Remember Ramadan lasts for only 29 or 30 days. If you plan for it, you will stay on the Plan and feel so much better on Eid day, celebrating your losses!