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Locked Down a Better Lifestyle

I had struggled with weight management for some time but wasn’t really committed to any serious action until a dear friend asked me to be her maid of honor at her wedding. I wanted to look my best for her, so I decided to lose 28kg by the end of the year. Surprise, surprise, I lost 20kg in four months!! I started at 112.3kg on New Year’s Day on the Add a Meal plan. After I had adjusted to the rigor of the diet, I moved into Sole Source by March. In doing the Cambridge diet, I didn’t just lose weight, I also gained positive virtues – prudence, accountability, fortitude, temperance and self-control. One of the biggest lessons I learned was the importance of community. During the lockdown, I joined a WhatsApp group where we posted our daily goals in the morning and ‘’checked in’’ at night with our results. I also joined the Cambridge WhatsApp group where we were encouraged to weigh in weekly and post our daily meals. The results from these sources of accountability and encouragement was phenomenal – in one week, I lost 5kg! By the end of the lockdown, I had lost 20kg in all (when I thought I’d lose just 9kg). Now that the lockdown is ending, I feel renewed and more enthusiastic to continue the weight management lifestyle. The next goal is to become a consultant so I can help others transform their bodies through healthy and conscientious eating habits.
Glory Eyinnaya