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Reality dawned on me when people kept referring to me as "madam" due to my large size and also asked after the kids. As a single young lady, it was very embarrassing. Secondly, clothes did not flatter me as well as I wanted due to my big tummy.

I had started a life style change in 2012 via healthy eating and noticed it took me 2 months to lose 3kg. As I was about to throw in the towel, I found about the Cambridge diet and every since, my turn-around has been amazing. I started losing the weight quicker; 3kg in one week, 8kg down the second week. Gosh was I excited! The zeal to challenge myself even further came. I went sole source for 3months then started an exercise routine from Zumba to running. Yes I run (Usain bolt eat your heart out!)

It has not been an easy journey but the amazing weekly weight loss results kept me going and helped me have a better understanding about my body and food

Now, I am a healthy sexy-looking size 12/14 (from my size 22/24) Still going strong hoping to lose an extra 10kg and get into my size 10.

Michelle Bello