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Nabila lost over 57kg - check out her story here!

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Our Woman of the Year's story!

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Want the weight gone? This is the one!

Looking for a super simple Nigerian weight loss meal plan, with dedicated one-to-one support? Find your personal diet Consultant, choose the nutritionally balanced products and work out the perfect you-shaped Plan.

Find a Consultant

Choose your personal diet Consultant in West Africa for a big dollop of one-to-one diet support while you lose that weight

Find a Consultant

Here’s The 1:1 Diet promise

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People to keep you motivated

Everyone needs support. A personal diet Consultant will cheer you on.

cherry and strawberry shake, chocolate bites and thai noodles

Products you’ll actually enjoy

Everyone deserves tasty food. You’ll love The 1:1 Diet meal replacements.

personalised plan notes

A Plan that really works for you

Everyone’s different. You’ll get a personalised diet plan that suits you.

“The 1:1 diet by Cambridge Weight Plan Works! Despite having always been big, I was able to lose weight on the plan”

 Oriaku Anwatu – A successful dieter turned consultant who dropped from
118kg to 85kg.

Been there, got a smaller T.shirt

Surayyah Inuwa

Lost 27kg on the plan and got her confidence back...

Amaka Okeke

lost almost 40kg and she is Feeling Sexy!

Eniola Karunwi

Lost 50kg. 10years of infertility became a non-issue. Happy mom of three.

Modeola Odedeji

Lost 31kg I feel better about my weight and body.

Hafiza Yahaya-Bello

Lost 20kg. Thought it was impossible to lose that much but the One2One diet made it possible.


lost 27.5kg is all the way healthier

Dieter looking in mirror

Total Diet Replacement is clinically proven to lead to greater weight loss*

*British Medical Journal

British Medical Journal logo