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The life of a New Consultant – Chidinma Dureke

8 weeks ago I got signed on the CWP consultancy business. So I’m still taking baby steps. I have about 12 clients so far. More than half of them are existing CWP members while the rest are newly signed clients. My office is not yet quite set up and I’m a full time employee of a financial institution so it can be pretty daunting combining the two - being a banker and a CWP consultant. I had to create a private chat group on the whatsapp platform where we motivate ourselves on a daily basis. This journey isn’t such an easy one and so one can do with all the help they can get. My office isn’t quite set up so I visit my clients to deliver their products and do a lot of talking via phone regarding what they’re getting into. The rest is done on the platform. The future is hopeful as I grow my network base, and learn the ropes of the business, I reckon it’ll get better as we move on. It’s a good idea to set up something for yourself and be your own boss and CEO. It also helps to keep me in check on my weight loss journey. You can’t preach what you don’t practice. So I’m extremely happy I signed on for this. I will be a big time consultant before the end of the first half of the year. And I’m willing to put in whatever works needs to be done to get there. I’m pretty excited about the potentials of the future!!