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For years, I had battled with an overbearing weight which kept on increasing until it got to 128kg+. The health implications of this weight suddenly hit me and I began seeking for help to shed it off. Then I got to know about the Cambridge Weight Plan through a dear friend and sister - my consultant. I got started on step2 and soon after moved on to Sole Source. It was amazing how I began to lose weight so rapidly. In 3months, I had shrunk to 97kg and in another 2months; I was down to 88kg. I couldn't believe my eyes as I changed from a dress size of 24wide to 16/18! I am simply living again as I am so much healthier (no more palpitations and panting’s after a short walk or exercise). More so, I can fit into so many wears that I never dreamt of getting into.

Arabah Freduah-Agyemang