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Locked Down but locked in the weight goal.

I had been struggling with my weight for some time. My visits to the hospital was at least three times a month for various reasons ranging from blood pressure issues to insomnia. When the covid 19 lockdown started, I saw it as an opportunity to work on my weight. I got on the One2OneDiet by Cambridge Weight Plan in April and it was a struggle. Despite the challenges of being stuck at home, I persevered with encouragement from my consultant. The meals seemed so small and I had to give up the soda drink I loved the most (I couldn’t cry about that lol!). Today, I am thankful for all the hardwork. I started on Step 1 of the plan and gradually moved up the steps. Daily walks were part of my to-do list. As the weeks progressed, I developed a new relationship with food and my addiction to soda is no more. Water is now sweet as soda to me. 5 months after I started, I had gone from wearing a UK Size 22 to UK size 10. I had a wardrobe change but the victory for me are non-scale. I no longer experience insomnia, migraines or high blood pressure. My visits to the hospital have stopped. I am loving the new me and working on maintenance.
Bunmi Okunnowo