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From Borderline Diabetic to Out of Risk

I was borderline diabetic. I couldn’t take long walks and was in constant pain, back, legs etc. I would experience difficulty in breathing also. I couldn’t fit into clothes of choice and it had started to make me ashamed of my body. I kept praying to Almighty Allah to show me a way to lose a weight and then I meet my consultant Nabila where the story of achievement started and ended smoothly with her entire support and words of encouragement.
I worked hard at losing the weight, motivated by the talks and looks directed at me because of my weight. I lost 27.5kg having started the one2onediet plan at 93.5kg. Today, I am 66kg, healthier and fitter than ever before. I am out of risk of diabetics and fitting into clothes of my choice. The aches are gone and I feel and look youthful. The one2onediet is the diet above all that physical achievement among clients is tested, trusted, easy to handle and more importantly no side effect. I have been maintaining my weight for about 8-9 months without any challenge.