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Covid Lockdown Series

2020 started like every other year and then we heard a strain of virus was on rampage. The World Health Organization; W.H.O called it Covid 19 and declared a pandemic. In March 2020, Nigeria declared a lockdown and we all stayed at home. ‘Working from Home’ became the new normal. Many individuals struggled with their new realities as we sought balance between family time, me time and work. Our mental health also took a hit as we continually received and processed every new information on the pandemic. Yet, in the midst of these, 4 women boldly chose to work on a healthier habit; motivated by different reasons. They shared their stories with us and we hope you are inspired!
Olaposi Williams – My husband and I had always struggled with our weight. My husband caught the virus and though a mild case, it became a breaking point for us because he also had high blood pressure. We got on the one2onediet plan together, took walks and the results was amazing! Between both of us we lost about 25.5Kg. Get her story here-
Bunmi Afolabi – I had started working from home before the lockdown started. As a person who thrived on routine, I had to set up one and saw the opportunity to work on losing some of the weight. Every hour was accounted for; from my wake-up time, meal time till my sleep time. Also, because I love to snack, I would shuttle up and down the steps of the plan to accommodate this in the 6 weeks of the lock down. Find her story here -
Toyin Olusanya-Onadele – I caught a mild case of the Covid 19. Staying at home and isolated, weight gain was one of the drug effects on me. Once certified negative, I got on the one2onediet plan to lose the weight. My biggest motivation was staying healthy following the scare I just had. Find her story here -
Eniola Karunwi – As the CEO of the One2Onediet Nigeria, gaining weight wasn’t an option. For over 10years, I have successfully maintained my weight with the plan. The lockdown was stressful for me because I lived a very active life. I had so much time on my hand. Attending a Zoom party helped me realize that I had derailed. I couldn’t believe it. After my initial panic, I got on the plan, having only the shakes. A few weeks after, I have never felt as energized as I feel now. Get her story here -