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Birthday Gift Transforms Me

My birthday was drawing near. I wanted to look beautiful on that day. The outfit had been bought but my body didn’t get the memo. The decision to lose weight was a momentous one for me. My birthday was a big motivation. I got on the one2onediet plan and included exercises in my routine. I also began to document my journey on Instagram to keep me accountable. When I began my journey, I was weighing 109.5Kg. On my birthday, I was already at 98.7kg. This was just 6 weeks after I began! I was loving this transformation so I kept at it. I joined the W8 No More 30 Day challenge and it was really inspiring. Sharing your journey with people who understood the challenges you were going through and willingly shared their tips to overcome it was a great boost to my confidence. We motivated each other daily; sharing our activities, connecting beyond the diet and supporting each other. At the end of the challenge, I was a firm believer in the plan and signed up to be a consultant. I also wanted to help people on their journey to achieving a transformative life just as I have been helped. Today, I have about 7 individuals I am supporting and the extra income doesn’t hurt.
Omawunmi Dokuade