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Achieving the Goal; Helping Others

Kaltum joined the one2onediet family first as a client two years ago in 2020. She desired to lose weight and feel good about herself. Under the guidance of her consultant Nabila, she did Step 1 of the diet; totally replacing her meals with the one2onediet meal. The result was a 38kg loss in 3 months going from 120kg to 84kg by sheer perseverance and dedication to the diet.

The result, the compliments and requests for help by friends, family and colleagues motivated Kaltum to become a consultant. While she helped, her clients achieve her goal, she maintained her weight at 84kg. Her target though was to be in the 70kg range. The Nigerian consultants decided to do a 10days liquid detox challenge in April. 10 days later, she lost 5kg and weighs 79kg.Kalthum says “I have achieved my goal and the feeling is amazing. The one2onediet is the only answer to weight loss.”