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A realistic way to shed weight.

I started my journey with the one2onediet in February with guidance from Nabila my consultant. I was tired, always out of breath and losing self-confidence. In my line of work, late nights are part of the deal and I was struggling. I needed to lose weight because my arthritis had become very severe.
At the time of starting, I was weighing 103kg. I had my struggles but Nabila kept encouraging me and supporting me. She made sure my plan was personalized to suit my lifestyle so my meals were really ‘On the Go’. I began to see results and was encouraged towards my target of being in the 70’s. Today, I weigh 76kg. I am lighter, move freely without fatigue and most importantly, my arthritis is now very mild. One2onediet gave me my confidence back and taught me self-discipline. It is the most realistic way to shed weight and maintain.

Surayyah Inuwa (Surry kmata)