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3 Months on CWP and Target Goal reached

I am lawyer, chartered secretary, corporate governance trainer and an entrepreneur. My weight loss journey started two years before I joined the Cambridge Weight Loss Program (CWP). After the birth of my fourth child, I started having severe joint pains, general body pains, severe back pains and constant exhaustion. Many general views among friends and family was that I was in constant stress, not eating a balanced diet, or simply one of the growing pains of getting older. One even said this is usual for women from ages 40 and above. When I sought medical advice, all the doctor seemed to say was that i needed to lose weight because my body composition could not carry all that excess weight. You see I am about 5ft 2inch. in height. Back then I weighed about 75kg and I was told to come down to 65kg. Thus, began my struggle with weight loss and so for the next two years I lost and added more than I had before. The excess weight led me to begin taking heart medications because of heart palpitations which the Doctors could not explain since my lifestyle did not indicate I was predisposed to the ailment. One morning, I woke up and could not move a leg and I knew that I had to actively do something that works and I could maintain. I recalled a colleague who did CWP and had maintained the weight loss for two years and so I went on a google search to know more about it and this led me to meet my mentor, Esther of the CWP VI office. My registered start weight was 80.6kg and within three months of strictly sticking to the program I had lost up to 18.8kg to a weight of 61.8kg. My target weight goal was 60kg and in no time, I reached it. I have now been maintaining for about 1 Year now. I had a mentor who pushed me even at my weakest moments, she joined me up with others as a support group and this helped me to remain focused on the weight plan. She still follows up with me even till this day, so it’s a journey you are never alone. What helped me in the maintenance was to follow all the steps of CWP. My dress size at start was UK 16 (large)/US 14 and I came down five dress sizes and have been maintaining a dress size of UK 8/US 4. With the weight loss, I got rid of the heart medication. I move easier, breathe better, able to do more physical work and look better than I have in years (so says a lot of friends and family). The confidence, inner satisfaction and renewed love for self cannot be truly expressed because it’s beyond mere words, it transcends into every relationship you have, especially with your spouse, which makes you more loved by others. Thank you CWP for giving me a restart to a healthier life. The ready to eat meals make it easier to get on to the program without all the hard work and fuss over what to eat at the beginning stage of your diet program.
Nkechi Anyimah