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12 Weeks Transformation

I am currently on my one-week break after completing 12 weeks of CWP Sole Source Plan! What an amazing journey it has been! It's not easy but it has been worth every single bit. I had put on so much weight that people were mistaking me for my mother continuously, I could not work 50m without having to sit down because my back was killing me, I was consistently panting that people thought I had a breathing problem, my clothes did not fit anymore so I got bigger sizes tailored, I refused to get on the scale because I knew it was long overdue for a drastic lifestyle change. I finally accepted reality after seeing my pictures from an International Women's Day event. I was horrified! How did I let myself go this way? This time there was no more excuses, the time to act is now. My best friend gave me Asmau's number (my consultant). She also stuck my before and after pictures on my fridge. That was a constant reminder of what I used to look like and the main reason I never cheated.

I met up with Asmau and hasn't she been great?! As she took my body measurements, I told her we needed to make a deal, I didn't want to know my initial weight (I didn't want to be demoralised). We agreed a target based on my BMI. She took her time to go through the plan especially the food products, I am a picky eater naturally. Asmau has been so supportive and available, I couldn't ask for a better coach. I nicknamed her 'the matron'. I started on the 11th of March.

The WhatsApp group is a 'must do'. A family. We whine, we encourage and we laugh. Incredible girls! We share and exchange so many survival tips. Make sure you get diet buddies, they help to keep you accountable especially during the rough days. A call or chat really works magic, reminds you why you started in the first place. I struggled with my water in-take until my diet buddy started sharing her recipes and videos using the water flavourings. I am well stocked on that now. One good thing about the lockdown is the nearby lavatory at home. The girls would share their exercise plans and that got me motivated. I started daily morning walks on the 8th of March. I briskly finished a 2.45km distance. This was nothing short of a miracle! After a fortnight, I could tell I was physically fitter and increased to 5km, now I alternate with aerobics classes and weights until the gyms reopen.

On the 3rd of June, I completed my 12 weeks with a total weight loss of 26.3kg. I felt like I won the lottery. I look good even my skin is clearer and more radiant. The compliments don't stop coming. I am healthier. I sleep better. I have more energy and I feel like my old bubbly person again. I definitely need a new wardrobe! I am looking forward to an additional 20kg coming off.......